About Tory Chlanda, Company President

Lawn Jockey was founded in 1995 by Tory Chlanda, who still runs the company. Since 1995, he has made beauty out of “ordinary” landscapes, and followed the natural contours of the land to develop designs that harmonize well with the natural features, the home and other structures, and the climate.

An area native raised in Amherst, Massachusetts by an avid gardener, Tory brings a wide-ranging knowledge including:

  • Native plantings suited to the specific microclimates of each property, the effect that you, the property owner, are seeking, and to the New England landscape as a whole
  • Water features such as fountains and streams
  • “Humanscape” amenities like walkways and fencing made of brick, stone, wood, iron, and other local, natural materials

While still in high school, Tory founded Lawn Jockey as a lawn care service. But his love of the New England environment and skill with landscaping elements-he designed and built his first water garden as a young child-quickly drew the company into full-service landscaping.

Seeing landscaping as a way of marketing a home and a quality of life, Tory obtained a business degree with a concentration in Marketing. He also studied intensively with Master Landscape Designer Gordon Fletcher-Howell (a Vietnam veteran who sought to create peace in his own life by creating whose work emphasizes peaceful and eye-catching landscapes)- and at the same time began a deep and thorough self-study course involving voracious reading, travel throughout Europe to personally study European gardens in Italy, Spain, and elsewhere (paying particular attention to the play of colors and textures) and extensive hands-on work with earth, stone, wood, metal, and water.

Tory is thoroughly comfortable with both traditional and contemporary, rustic/natural and polished, open and woodsy. He is thoroughly grounded in traditional materials such as granite, period brick, and iron gates-and has a skilled designer’s eye for what will work well in a particular landscape.

Tory personally trains each of his staff, and has many capabilities in-house (including all stone work). He has also developed relationships with key suppliers and contractors who can provide unique plantings native to New England that haven’t been overused, -including larger plantings that go directly to beautiful without getting caught in that awkward, half-finished-looking stage. His staff and associates can design and install flawlessly beautiful and functional watercourses, walkways, gates, fences, stone walls, decks, driveways, and more.

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