Lawn Mowing

You’ve earned the Time Off…Why Get Sweaty Pushing a Lawn Mower?

It’s hot. Your lawn mower is loud, maybe smelly and it even might need to be fixed. Meanwhile, the grass is tall enough to make your neighbors nervous.

Is that how you want to spend your precious free time?

Here’s a better alternative: contract with Lawn Jockey to mow your grass all season long. Experienced “lawn technicians” will show up on a regular schedule (one that makes sense for the growing conditions in your yard and for your budget). Using professional equipment, and working during the week, they keep your lawn looking super-sharp.

And when you go outside with a nice cup of coffee on Sunday morning, your yard is beautiful and quiet, and you get to enjoy it!.

Core Lawn Aeration

If your lawn could use a breath of fresh air! We can have your lawn looking greener and healthier with our expert core aeration techniques.

The benefits of lawn aeration are tremendous, and it is one of the most important treatments for a healthy lawn. Aeration stimulates new growth, improves drainage, makes lawns more heat and drought tolerant, and alleviates compacted soil. The deeper, healthier root growth aeration can provide means your lawn will be looking its best all season long.


Overseeding is a simple, yet effective part of any lawn treatment program. It introduces new seed to your lawn and helps thicken and fill in some of those bare spots. Its one of the best ways to get a already established lawn back rather that an expensive overhaul.


Lawn Fertilization

In order to achieve the best results, every program and application is tailored to fit your specific lawns needs! Our focus is on creating a healthier lawn without the oppressive use of chemicals your lawn might not need. Instead we monitor our clients lawns and can have treatments done on a as needed basis.

We can also keep that lawn looking great by

  • Reseeding
  • Fertilization/lime applications
  • Aeration & dethatching
  • Sprinkler repair